We call ourselves professional fixers: part strategist, part problem solver.

Will Harrison


Will Harrison, CEO of Maddox Management, collaborates closely with the executive team to surpass client expectations. With a decade of experience alongside numerous UHNWIs, Will serves as an effective owners’ representative for various assets. He seamlessly liaises with the operations team for day-to-day management, negotiates alongside the legal department, and spearheads asset development initiatives. Will’s proactive approach ensures a holistic and tailored approach to asset management, fostering long-term client satisfaction and success.

Alex Jacobs


Alex Jacobs serves as the CFO at Maddox Management, leveraging over 15 years of financial services expertise, including roles at UBS & Coutts in Europe. Renowned for his adeptness and with assets under management surpassing £20bn, he excels in reporting across various industries. Alex’s paramount role ensures meticulous financial management for all Maddox Management clients, fostering their prosperity and security.

Ben Smith


Ben Smith, COO at Maddox Management, boasts six years at the Rothschild family office, enriching his leadership in private asset management. Ben and his adept team oversee daily operations across all areas of Maddox, ensuring excellence in each individual asset class. With a strategic vision for operational precision, Ben’s commitment to efficiency guarantees Maddox clients exceptional service and results, reflecting his dedication to their prosperity and satisfaction.

Sophie King

Art Director

Sophie King, the Art Director at Maddox Management, brings over a decade of expertise to the art management realm. With a distinguished 12-year tenure at Sotheby’s, she’s steered the acquisition of art worth over £3bn. Now, she leads a dedicated team at Maddox, offering unparalleled guidance and curation for clients’ art collections. Sophie’s visionary leadership ensures clients’ artistic visions are realised with finesse and precision.

George Coates

Yachts Director

George Coates, the Yacht Director at Maddox Management, commands a wealth of experience in the maritime domain. With over a decade at the helm of the world’s most prestigious yachts, he’s honed his expertise in every aspect of seafaring. George now spearheads a team of adept yacht managers and brokers. His astute leadership ensures seamless navigation through the intricate world of yacht acquisition and management, delivering unparalleled service to Maddox clientele.

“I’ve entrusted Maddox with the management of two of my yachts & I couldn’t be more impressed with their efficiency & dedication. Maddox maintain outstanding standards while actively seeking ways to save costs. A truly invaluable partner in yacht management.”

New York based client

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