We plan to safeguard the future, through diligent financial planning, constantly monitoring & adapting to changing family circumstances, assets & taxes.



A FLEXIBLE & DISCREET APPROACH to financial planning

Clients often prefer to have their finances administered by an independent body for privacy and discretion. We work closely with families and principals to safeguard, manage and future-proof wealth through comprehensive financial planning, addressing relocation and residency requirements for families with a global footprint, along with tax implications, philanthropic ventures and running a business in multiple locations, amongst other financial planning services.


Financial planning FOR THE FUTURE

We think in the long-term by helping prioritise succession and wealth transition through strategic financial planning, ensuring that wealth passes to the next generation in the most effective way. We set up trusts and foundations, plan how best to transfer wealth and how to prepare and involve the next generation. Our financial planning services also include drafting family constitutions to clarify values and set out governance procedures, helping formalise structures, avoiding conflicts of interest and creating a healthy framework for decision-making.