Managing risk in times of uncertainty is essential for protecting your assets, business & your reputation, making it imperative to have an exceptional crisis management team at your disposal.




Risk is one of the major factors in life and business, and you need to be constantly ready to deal with the unexpected. We develop bespoke crisis management plans that allow you to move quickly to address any unstable situation, whether caused by internal or external factors. It could mean replacing a key person in the family business, relocating quickly or stifling a threatening media story. Our always-prepared attitude means we can move swiftly and decisively to contain and control any situation that compromises a business or family, limiting damage and maximising opportunity.



Discretion and delicacy are a major factor in crisis management, especially when handling people’s reputations. We give media and communications guidance to ensure minimal damage to your key stakeholders’ names, involving lawyers where necessary. Our crisis management services include writing pre-drafted statements, monitoring social media, and develop guidelines on how to react appropriately to minimise damaging comments.