We handle divorce consultancy with our trademark discretion & diplomacy, establishing the intricacies of the situation & following it through to completion.




Our dedicated divorce consultancy team sets out realistic objectives from the start, creating a viable strategy to achieve them while providing guidance and support from the initial briefing through to enforcement. Candid in advice and discreet in delivery, they can attend meetings and manage the collation and disclosure of both financial and family aspects of divorce, standing by you through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. All to help limit the impact of divorce on you, your family and your assets, and to keep your family’s affairs away from the media glare.



We have inroads into a large number of law firms, and advise on their capabilities and strengths to help shortcut to the right representation for you. We make sure they’re offering dovetails with your needs, whether more weighted towards protecting your business or personal assets or safeguarding children. In all our dealings, we focus on protecting you against the trauma of the situation and invasion of your privacy. It’s why Maddox recently acted as the key advisor in one of the biggest divorce disputes in the UK.