Within our in-house counsel, our highly respected solicitors & Kings Council barristers give a wealth of advice on civil, criminal, international matters.




Our in-house counsel give advice on everything from premarital agreements, family investments and contacts to divorce, tax and probate, offering a flexible tailor-made approach to each client’s specific needs and goals. They have played pivotal roles in handling numerous contract negotiations for business transactions, sports contracts, image rights contracts and the like.


A FLEXIBLE APPROACH to in-house counsel

As we are not tied to a particular legal network, we have the flexibility to recommend the ideal legal team for each client, and work collaboratively with your existing advisers.

Our in-house counsel advise in relation to family assets and family investments (often including a family business) helping our clients to plan ahead in order to protect and enhance family wealth for the next generation, and handle logistical challenges, like staffing and international moves. We also support families and family offices in making direct investments, whether acquiring large companies and real estate or alternative assets, such as art or aircraft. We apply the same level of critical commercial focus to our transactions for families as we would to any corporate deal.